Manage Own Performance in a Business Environment Essay

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Manage own performance in a business environment The purpose of planning work is to ensure that I make the most effective use of my time and knowing what I have got planned throughout the day the lowers my chances of my work clashing with a meeting or other tasks. If I make a written account of my plans and my manager asks what I have done, I am easily able to show them and be accountable for my work. The purpose of agreeing realistic targets for work is to complete my tasks to a good standard, if targets are set too high I may feel under pressure or incapable of completing them. It is always important to agree targets so I know I am able to complete and reach them. I should always keep people informed about progress as they may need to know about changes in targets as it allows them to make amendments to the way they handle their work, if they are not informed it may affect their working abilities. The purpose of letting other people know work plans need to be changed is so they can plan sufficient timescales and it gives them time to adapt to the new changes. By giving them notice it increases their chances of completing the task more efficiently and to an expectable standard. The purpose and benefits of recognising and learning from mistakes is so I know where I have gone wrong and I am able to prevent the mistake from happening again. The purpose and benefits of taking on new challenges if they arise is so I am able to put myself to the test by using my strengths and strengthening my weaknesses, this helps me achieve self growth opportunities and gain new skills to use in more challenging situations. The purpose and benefits of adapting to change is to understand that things do not always stay the same and not to become too comfortable; if I am not adaptable a change may seem negative, though once I can adapt the situation becomes more positive as I look
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