Organizational Resources of Walmart

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Organizational Resources of Walmart Walmart is the largest retail store in the United States and it is working on a foothold around the world. To do this, Walmart has many managers who are pioneers in looking for the best opportunities and locations around the world along with receiving the best products for the price to pass on to the customers. Walmart executives use many means to achieve their goals and make the company grow year after year. A couple of functions of management in relation to the organization of Walmart will be discussed. Walmart has worked diligently to cut the carbon footprint that it creates by each store becoming more self sustaining. Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lee Scott started the company on a lower carbon footprint in 2005 to help the company save money. This was in the company’s best interest to save money by cutting down on waste. By going green, there was debate if the company was doing this for image or if it was to gain more money. Martin LaMonica mentions that “ultimately the company’s rationale for “going green” was purely economic, according to former CEO Lee Scott” (LaMonica, 2010). Walmart has started a number of initiatives including reducing waste in packaging, creating a sustainability index of its suppliers, using solar panels on newer built stores, and using out of date food products as compost. “In 2005, when then-CEO Lee Scott announced the three key pillars of our commitment to sustainability—to be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, to create zero waste, and to sell products that sustain people and the environment—it caught the world’s attention” as said in Walmart world ("Sustainability 360", 2010, p. 33). Sustainability is not an added expense that upper management has figured out. By doing so means increased efficiency being able to add more containers per truck, less fuel used to transport

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