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Oreo’s and Lorna Doones are two very popular packaged cookies. Oreo’s and Lorna Doones are two types of cookies made by the company Nabisco. They may be from the same company, but they are very different. Each cookie looks and tastes completely unrelated, but one similarity is they both taste good. Oreo’s are most popular for there black and white appearance and their dunkable appeal to many young children around the world. Oreos have a very unique appearance. When you look on the outside of an Oreo you will see the black cookie with a distinctive pattern and the presence of the name of the delicious cookie. The texture or feel of the cookie is very rough. When tasting this delicious cookie, you will taste the chocolately crunch of the cookie on the outside and the creamy sweetness of the vanilla filling on the inside. There are many different varieties and flavor of Oreo cookies. Compared to the Oreo cookie, Lorna Doones are a lot different. The Oreo is black and white and the Lorna Doones are goldish/yellowish. Also, Oreo’s are milks best friend but Lorna Doones are just not the right cookie for that job. And don’t get me started on the taste. Oreo’s taste like chocolate goodness and Lorna Doones taste a lot like flour trust me. Oreo’s have a creamy vanilla filling while the Lorna Doones don’t have any creamy good filling there plain cookies. Lastly, the Oreo’s may have more calories than the Lorna Doones.. There aren’t a lot of similarities but there are some. For example, they both come in packages. Also, they are both from Nabisco brand. And, of course they are both cookies, duh! Anyway they are both good cookies but lets face it Oreo is the better cookie. The Oreo and the Lorna Doones are good cookies and are both very tasty. They both have a lot in common and they both have a lot in common and a lot of differences. I Love

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