Which Chocolate Melts the Fastest?

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I want to test different kinds of small chocolate candies to find out which kind melts the fastest. I will test these differences: ➢ wrapped vs. unwrapped ➢ rectangle bar vs. kiss shape ➢ big vs. little ➢ plain chocolate vs. chocolate mixed with other ingredients ➢ different kinds of chocolate like milk, and special dark. VARIABLES Independent Variables: The temperature at which the chocolate is melted, the type of chocolate, and how is melt it. Dependent Variables: The dependent variables would be how fast the chocolate melts, and how long it takes. Constants: The shape and size of the chocolate. HYPOTHESIS: I think that candies in wrappers will melt first because; I think the wrapper heats up. I also think that kisses chocolates will melt faster than bars. I believe that candies with a candy coating like M&Ms will melt slower than a candy without coating. I think the candy bar will melt differently because they have different ingredients on them. Candy Minutes to melt, wrapped or covered with foil Minutes to melt, unwrapped Notes on how it melted Hershey's(bar) Kisses(Hershey's) M & M(peanuts) M & M(chocolate) M & M (pretzel) Hershey's(drops) Hershey's(bliss) Reese's(minis) Hershey's(nuggets) CONCLUSION I was right that size, shape, wrapping and coating make a difference in the way the chocolate melts, but I didn't always guess right about what would make the candy melt the slowest. I thought the wrapped candy would melt faster, but it didn't. The wrapped candy lasted about twice as long before melting as the unwrapped candy. So I guess that wrapping the candy makes it melt more slowly. I was right that smaller candies melted more quickly. The small M&M only took 2 minutes to melt, but the bigger M&M lasted 5 minutes. All of the unwrapped,

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