A One Time Experience, World Youth Day!

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Do you know what World Youth Day is? World Youth day is a Catholic life experience that teenagers should not ignore even though it takes place in different countries every three years. For most adolescents, religion is not a top priority and that's why many adolescents do not get to have an experience such as World Youth Day. It took place in Sydney, Australia the summer of 2008 and the theme was, "You will receive the power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses." During World Youth Day you will meet the Pope, gather the entire world, and your life will transform in many different ways. Throughout World Youth Day, there is a lot of growing involved. You grow physically, mentally and spiritually. You grow physically because there is a lot of walking involved. Also put your body to the test by doing things that you wouldn’t normally do on a regular basic. You learn to appreciate things like having a car. Another way that you grow is mentally. Basically during this trip you have to find yourself. In order to know who you are you have to be strong in what you believe in because that is what makes you, you. By withstanding all these challenges you realize who you are because you are willing to do it for your faith. Also it makes you mature by seeing certain realities of the world. Unlike us, not a lot of people were blessed to stay in a hotel during the week. Others had to sleep in different places every night and even in the street. It makes you realize that there is an entire world, not only the little world you live in. Last but certainly not least, what I believe is the most important way a person grows is spiritually. You grow spiritually, because this event includes the gathering of three hundred thousand people who are serious about what they believe. This showed me that what I believe in is real. This experience showed the true presence
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