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Deshaun Wilson English 1002-40619 9/5/12 ULM’s Greatest Organization Being involved on campus was always one of my main goals. Campus Activities Board, also known as CAB, is a great way for me to achieve that goal. Campus Activities Board is an organization that host many activities and events on campus throughout the school year that allows you to meet new people, gain leadership skills, have lots of fun, and learn an abundance of new things. If you’re always bored, CAB is the organization responsible creating great events. For example, the awesome Spring Fever week, an event that most students won’t miss, at the end of April. Like all other organizations, CAB has requirements, so don’t think you’re accepted with ease. Be studious because…show more content…
If you don’t have very many friends, CAB is where you want to be. With an abundance of great, friendly members, it could help you gain lifetime friends. CAB host events such as lunch socials, midnight breakfast, tailgating for games, and concerts. I’m sure by the end of the school year, you’ll have plenty friends. You also gain leadership skills when being a member of CAB. You may be shy and not very outspoken before becoming a member of CAB. After CAB, I promise you won’t be the same. If you’re considering getting a new job, CAB host events such as style shows that inform you on what to wear to an interview. CAB also organizes workshops that help you with academics, formal events, and life skills in general. According to Jarred Denzel, secretary of CAB, “CAB helps you to meet other people within CAB, but also with other students here on campus because you work a lot of events that a lot of students on campus come to. Also, it helps academically because you have to maintain GPA to be in CAB.” So, if you’re looking for an organization that will be very beneficial to you, CAB is the way to…show more content…
Some students join CAB for the benefits. Most students I know from ULM want to be involved on campus. I could almost guarantee you that they’ve thought of CAB as a possibility to attain that goal. When you become a member of CAB, it could help you get into other organizations with ease. Another reason students join CAB is for the planning of events. Most people I know get excited when planning huge, fun events. While planning these events, you may learn tips on how to plan and coordinate events for later in life. You also get a chance to meet famous artists such as Ludacris and The Fray during the week of Spring Fever, which is another reason why students join. Jarred Denzel stated, “I joined CAB because I was new transfer student and I wanted to make friends and I got on the executive board for CAB because they pay for your tuition and we have more responsibilities than the regular CAB

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