Long Term Care Essay

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Long Term Care

April 5, 2013
Barbara Brophy

Long-term care help an individual meet health or personal needs. There are a variety of services when it comes to long-term care which includes medical and non-medical care to people who either have a chronic illness or disability. Basically long-term care is help the elderly when they are needing assistance that offer support services as activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, using the bathroom and walking. Long-term care can be provided in the home, in the community or within a nursing home. For instance, my grandmother lived in an assisted living facility, to where food was provided for her. As she got older she needed assistance when it came to getting dressed
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People are also reaching the time in their lives when medical problems tend to increase. When an adult reaches their senior years, some may need help at home, and as they age this tends to increase throughout the years. With America not being close as they were in the past, a lot of families are splitting up and leaving mom and dad alone. This creates a need for them when it comes to meals and physical care. So many people want to be independent but this actually creates a problem, more seniors are relying on community facilities or retirement homes to assist them with their daily living. Another thing about seniors is that they want to stay in their homes but cannot be able to afford the mortgage or let along the up keep of a home. So a great number of seniors are having to turn to retirement homes or even assisted living facilities. I believe that another reason why the health care is facing this problem today is because a great number of family members do not have the patience to put up with their loved one so they send them to an assisted home or even a retirement center. Which is sad to me because an individual’s mom and dad raises them but when it comes to the time for them to take care of them they just ship them

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