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Old Spice The power of advertising has never had a reach so far as it has over the last decade. Billions of dollars every year are thrown the ways of writers and directors to create an appeal to audiences everywhere in hopes consumers will purchase their product and stay on board for repeat business. This is especially critical for companies such as Proctor and Gamble to do with older brands such as Old Spice. Having been around for over seventy years, Old Spice was in need of a campaign that would not only appeal to the purchasing audience, but also to revamp the image of such a staple in the hygiene industry. The advertising drive of 2010 featured the hit slogan “The man your man could smell like” (OldSpice, 2010). This quickly generated buzz and reached more than forty million people on the web in a matter twenty-four hours, garnering more views than President Obama’s victory speech (Morrisey). The main demographic appeal was towards women consumers, playing off the logic that if men used Old Spice, they could smell like the actor in the commercial. Assuming the company did their homework, statistical data shows that women control more than seventy percent of all consumer spending, which makes them the most demographically appealing audience to aim toward (O’Donnell and Kennedy). Their campaign turned out to be a huge success making the money spent more than worthwhile. In their plot to re-stake their claim as a prevalent player in men’s personal hygiene products, Old Spice has employed several big name actors and athletes alike to represent the brand moving forward. In doing so, they seem to have accomplished more than one goal in not only appealing to men, but women as well. It has been said that sex sells. Well if this is true, Old Spice sold in a monstrous way. They succeeded in bringing in men for their commercials who have a strong face

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