Rhetorical Analysis On Old Spice Advertising

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Laura Moore Professor Hovious English 1001 October 1st, 2014 How Much Does the Old Spice Odor Blocker Really Block? Old Spice commercials are always intense, humorous, outrageous, and much more. They try to persuade the audience to purchase products by getting their attention through their humor-filled commercials, and not much informative about the actual product. They carefully put together their advertisements so that they appeal to a certain audience and promotes the product in a unique way. The producers of Old Spice advertising utilize many rhetorical tools to make successful ads. In Old Spice’s Odor Blocker advertisement with Terry Crews, the rhetorical tools they use throughout help to sell the product, but also in a way distracts the viewers from what the product really does. Terry Crews, former NFL linebacker, now comedic actor, is used for this commercial to represent the hot, masculine image which Old Spice…show more content…
Old Spice promotes a new “odor blocking” body wash. This commercial aired on television during the 2014 Super Bowl and the NBA playoffs. Through the entire ad, Crews has very little clothing on to show off his giant muscles and great body, and yet his skin seems to have a slight glow as if he is covered in oil. Crews holds the body wash in everything he does. There isn’t really anything going on in the background, so that no one gets distracted from Crews and the body wash. Whenever Crews talks about the product, he is doing something “manly”, like punching something, flexing, or even sitting on a tiger to try to show that one has to be a “man” to use Old Spice. In this commercial, Old Spice makes no claim on how it works and the viewer has no idea how it smells. According to this commercial, Terry Crews is the product. Throughout the advertisement Olds Spice uses many rhetorical tools such as celebrity appeal, selective information, intimidation, and
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