Of Mice And Men Act One Analysis

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George speaks on behalf of Lennie. “Why don’t you let him answer?” In this scene George shows that he cares about Lennie and therefore speaks on behalf of him. He knows that if Lennie talks then they might not get the job but if he works before he hears him talk, then they are set. He admits to the boss that he isn’t “bright,” this shows that George is honest to the boss and not over exaggerating Lennie’s intelligence. George is a character who doesn’t take advantage of Lennie’s misfortune. “Huh?” This implies that the point made by the boss is absolutely absurd and that he has never considered taking Lennie’s money away from him. The boss says that “what stake you got,” which implies that the boss thinks that George is a cunning character. The fact that George doesn’t take his money shows that George is faithful to Lennie and that their friendship is very strong. George considers Lennie to be his cousin. “He’s my cousin,” The boss is suspicious because it’s unusual for two guys to stay together in the 1930s. The boss believes that it is illogical for someone to stay together because he believes that every man is for himself. George says to the boss that Lennie is his cousin which lowers the suspicion, however George is being dishonest to the boss. This scene shows the he is protecting Lennie and the dream as well as lying to the boss. This shows that…show more content…
George warned Lennie not to say anything while he was talking to the boss. It’s for Lennies own good which shows that George cares for him. Lennie doesn’t abide what George has told him and therefore speaks while he is talking to the boss. George behaves viciously because he is starting to get irritated due to Lennie because he creates more problems. He is also angry because he doesn’t have enough money to make the dream become reality, therefore he requires a job, but Lennie minimises the opportunity available because of his child-like

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