City of the Beasts Dialectical Joural

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City of the Beasts Dialectical Journal |“In the center, the pale light filtering through the window” |At first I thought the dad was hurting the mom because she was | |(8). |crying. Then I realized he was holding the razor in, there were | | |clumps of hair on the floor, and she was bald. I think this is a | | |good example of visual imagery. I also think that this is an | | |intense scene in the chapter. | |“I don’t know”…and bandaged his hand” (11). |I like this because it shows that the father cares for Alex. It | | |shows that he is not mad at Alex’s reaction. I think that this is | | |good characterization, but I don’t think a dad wouldn’t get mad at| | |what he did. I know that my dad would yell at me if I did that to | | |my room, so it left me kind of confused as to why he did that | |“He counted his money…minutes before” (33). |This shows that Alex is a pushover. For some reason, he can’t say | | |no to Morgana. I think it is because he is scared to look like a | | |coward in front of her. Because he is scared, Morgana ends up | | |taking advantage of him and steals his stuff.
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