Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

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Father and Son Relationships Relationships can be very complex.However the most complex relationships are those between a father and son. With the father setting certain expectations and the son trying to find out who he is in life. These expectations create a tense relationship that can either become a good relationship when the expectations are met, or a relationship of disappointment and shame. In the book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, the author, Jamie Ford, shows how complex Henry's relationships is with both his father, and his own son both have similarities and differences. Henry and his father had a very complicated relationship. This relationship is one that was very tense. On page 238, Henry is talking to his mother about being forced to go to China, and she tells him that his father is trying to do what is best for him. This scene shows that Henrys’ father does care about giving him his best chance at success. However, the relationship is one-sided, because his father expects him to be obedient and not argue with him. This a disappointing relationship because Henry's father tries to force Henry to do something he doesn't want to, also Henry decides not to go and disappoints his father. Another scene that shows the complexity of the relationship between Henry and his father is on page 263. His father is on his deathbed, and he tells Henry “I did it for you”, mentioning the letters that Henry had sent and received. Henrys’ father acted selfishly by stopping the communication between Henry and Keiko. He didn’t want Henry to go against tradition. He ended up disappointing Henry; Henry had felt like his father had betrayed him. Eventually, when enough time had passed, Henry did just what his father had manipulated him into doing. He moved on with his life and began seeing Ethel, a girl his father had approved of. Not only was Henrys’
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