Montana 1948 Character Analysis Essay

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As we know, Wes Hayden is one of the main characters in the story Montana 1948. By making very big decisions, he undergoes a big character change throughout the story. Wes Hayden, having grown up as the “Other Son” in his father’s eyes, has developed a good and rightful sense of justice through a bad example, his father Julian. Although he is said to be inexperienced, Wes has developed this sense of right judgment through the learning experience of life and his daily job. He is a victim of favoritism, and because of never being the one with the attention he has learned not to be like his bad father and his brother by teaching himself what is right in others eyes, not the eyes of his dad. At the opening of the story, Wes is described as a “boring” sheriff of a small town in Montana. Wes had attended law school but forcefully had to take over his father’s position of county sheriff. It was evident that this was not an ideal position for him. Because of his position rather than his brother’s, he experiences jealousy and is a victim of favoritism. His brother is a veteran, and to his father this means a lot. This meant that Frank could get away with everything while Wes was scolded. Wes reveals this jealousy when he says, “I wonder if he was supposed to stay at the hospital.”(p.36) When Wes…show more content…
This is a big accomplishment, especially because he has observed his own father, Julian, who is a liar and a manipulator of the fact in order to have things his own way, such as when he hires men to break into Wes’ house and kidnap Frank. Wes, being a victim of favoritism, has stepped up to the plate and developed an excellent and consistent sense of truthfulness, justice, and values a code of living completely opposite from those of his father and

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