Odysseus Strengths And Weaknesses

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The Great Warrior There are many great warriors, but like any great warrior we all have weaknesses. Odysseus was a great warrior but had flaws. Odysseus is very clever. He tricked the giant and poked him in the eye and was able to escape. Another example of his cleverness is when he killed all the people that were threatening his wife to marry him and thought up a way to get rid of them. Odysseus greatest weakness is his pride. Although pride can be a great thing, he has too much of it. Odysseus is a great warrior but he isn’t perfect and has flaws, such as his pride. One of Odysseus’s strengths is his creativity in solving problems. An example of this would be of his idea of how to escape from Polyphemus. Odysseus stabbed Polyphemus…show more content…
An example of this would be when the only way for his journey to continue is through the path in which Scylla lies. If he were to tell his men then they would advice him not to go that way, however Odysseus goes that way to save the rest of his crew at the expense of 6 men, one for each of Scylla’s six heads. This shows his responsibility and his leadership traits. Although he lost some men it was better than telling them. Although Odysseus had great strengths, he had weaknesses as well. His weaknesses could be interpreted to mean his moments of weakness and bad decisions. Odysseus curiosity could also be considered a weakness. On the island of the Cyclopes, Odysseus fell into temptation to stay in the Cyclops’s cave to see what the Cyclopes looked like (Polyphemus). This left 6 of his men dead. Odysseus also way too much pride, he shouldn’t of told the Cyclops his name or where he lives. He shouldn't have given information. It would have been better if he would have just snuck-out with stealth. An other example of his pride being way to much is when Odysseus taunts the blinded Polyphemos until the Cyclops responds by heaving massive boulders. This action of Odysseus' nearly cost him the life of himself and the

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