Was Oddysseus a Good or Bad Leader

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Joe Phillips. Classiv essay. Is Odysseus an effective leader or not? In the Odyssey the character called Odysseus has to lead many men, during this I think he shows good and bad attempts of being an effective leader. I think one of the main traits to be a good leader is if you save your men more than you get them killed. Odysseus has many encounters where it is life or death situations for his men. The first example of Odysseus being an effective leader or not was on the island of the cicones. Odysseus didn’t make much of an attempt to force his men to leave, who showed a lack of respect to the cicones’s island. This caused the cicones to retaliate and start a fight with Odysseus and his men. I think this can be a good judgement of Odysseus’s character as if he was an effective leader he would not have got into this situation, but he did and then he also loses the battle causing Odysseus to lose thirty-two of his men. I think this is a clear example of poor leadership as it was not the only possible outcome and certainly not the best, therefore showing in this case Odysseus was an unsuccessful leader. Although Odysseus did show that he can be an effective leader with the encounter of the lotus-eaters, this is where I felt Odysseus was most pro-active and effective as he didn’t lose any of his men even though three of them were drugged. His tactics were much improved as he had the presence of mind to only send three men to investigate the island and then to force those three men back of the island after they had eaten the lotus flowers that put them in a forgetful mood. To then leave the islands with no casualty’s was a sign of a good leader. Another example of Odysseus being either a good or bad leader is the adventure to the Cyclops called Polythemus Island. I am unsure if Odysseus was successful or not with this matter because he showed signs of great
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