Obstacles in Receiving My Education

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OBSTACLES IN RECEIVING MY EDUCATION At the age of thirty-two a single mother of three children living basically on low income paychecks, my adult-hood life has been a struggle. I have realized the importance of a better education. Three obstacles to my education is dealing with age, having little money, and being a single mom. Dealing with my age is the first obstacle in my education. Being thirty-two years old it’s going to be a no brainer I am not going to be as knowledgeable as the younger students. I dropped out of school at age sixteen, so I haven’t had a school book in my hands in sixteen years. It is safe to say I am not as quick to answer questions as the younger students. It can be very intimidating sitting in a classroom with students who are sixteen years younger and knowledgeable than I am. Not to mention my memory isn’t as sharp as it was years ago so I have to study extra hard and do extra work to help memorize what I am doing. What I read and learn today I am not going to remember for test three weeks from now. So I have to take advantage of the teach and learn center to learn the subject like the back of my hand no questions ask. In addition to my age, having little money is an obstacle in my education as well. Going to school to better my education is quite expensive and time consuming. Yes, there is financial aid to take advantage of that will cover books, printer products, basic school supplies and gas for transportation. This applies only for community college, however once I transfer to receive my bachelors’ degree I will have to apply for school loans or hope for academic scholarships. Putting my life and my children’s life on hold for the next four years was a big financial decision for me to make. When I decided to further my education I decided to put employment on hold and focus on my family and school. So our income has

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