Problem Solving Assignment 1.1

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My recurring problem is having no money. I see it as having no income. The real problem is that I do not have a job. I do not see it that way because I go to school. Being a veteran I should be able to use the G.I. Bill for schooling and should be getting money to live off of. However I have not been sent my DD Form 214 and without that I cannot apply for the G.I. Bill right now. It should be coming in the mail soon and then I should be able to get some funds then. However because I have invested my time into school, also excited about school and received money from the military for my move, it has just hit me that I no longer have any money or low on funds. This problem is ill-defined because it is no so much that I have no money but really the problem is that I do not currently have a job. Because I have defined the problem wrong, all forms of solutions have been wrong. I have been thinking of it as me having no money. That has limited me in solutions because the root problem was not correctly defined. This has impacted me by limiting my efforts of forming a solution. With spending time in school in my mind I seem to have tricked myself into not understanding why I do not have in money or source of income. In the military I was paid for schooling and having spent the past ten years in the service I just automatically assume that I should have money. These are of course all wrong because it has taken me a long time to become accustomed to being a civilian and realize that I am no longer in the military. The real problem is that I do not have a job. If I shift my thought was shifted more towards finding a job and less on why I have no money it becomes easier to find a solution. Since I have redefined the problem more solutions have made their way clear to me. My wife has since gotten a job today and I have started looking for alternative ways of

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