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During the period from 1955 to 1961 the management of O.M. Scott & Sons Company ‘Scott’ launched numerous projects to experience additional growth. To achieve its goals the company grew its sales force from 6 to 150 employees, the number of products in the product line tripled, and the sales volume increased from $10 million to $43 million. Experiencing such a vast growth, Scott went through major internal changes. Unfortunately, this phase of uncontrolled expansion put Scott in a weakened financial position and the company officials were preparing to review the results of all the changes and debating if plans and financial policies needed to be changed. Scott began its operations in 1868 by selling the first clean, weed-free grass seeds on a small local market in Ohio. Later, the company started selling over a wider geographic area by distributing its orders through mail. Due to its wide spread success the company started advertising extensively and added a free magazine about general lawn care to all its orders and established early on a well-recognized brand name for its products. The company continued growing and started selling lawn fertilizer, a wide range of chemical weed and garden pest control and distributing its products through small retail stores and garden centers. Despite the striking achievement the management believed that the market share that Scott and its competitors had was small compared to the total potential national lawn care market. Scott attributed this underperformance to an inadequate distribution system which did not reach the customers and retailers that were either poorly stocked or not suitable to carry Scott’s products. In response to these issues Scott launched a program and built a national field sales organisation to increase the number, quality, and performance of its distributors. In the meantime, Scott increased its product

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