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Student Name: Pam Cross ENG 1010-2C (DeSalvo) Date Submitted: April 15, 2015 The Garden Pam Cross Growing up we always had a garden. It was our summertime project that happened every season. It wasn’t a small garden but a vast parcel of land that my dad created with his own two hands, hard work, and determination. The home I grew up in sat on a double lot. Dad carved out ¼ of the second lot into our garden. He turned over the earth and plotted the layout of the fruits and vegetables that would grow abundantly in the garden. He worked construction most of his life. Work was plentiful in the summertime but during the winter months he would be laid off for the season and he drew unemployment. When my mom died in 1970, he bought…show more content…
We built a vegetable stand and dad hooked up a doorbell that rang in the house when a person would stop to buy our vegetables. We painted a sign that said Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Cucumbers. Our job during the day was to man the stand. We sold tomatoes for 50 cents a pound, potatoes for 25 cents a pound, and cucumbers were 25 cents each. By the end of the day, we would have sold out of most of the vegetables and when he arrived home we all went to the garden to pick more for the next day. The garden provided us fresh fruits and vegetables, additional income, but more importantly it gave us time together. We had each other and my dad taught us the importance of family, hard work, and that there is always opportunities just around the corner you just have to look for them. Today, my dad is 88 years old and he still plants four tomato plants and four pepper plants each summer. Well, we plant them for him but he enjoys watching us do this as it was something that he had taught us as young girls. I asked my dad about the garden recently and asked him to tell me why he always planted one each season. He said, “The garden had always brought me a sense of peace and tranquility, especially through difficult times. It helped keep my mind busy and focused. It also made me feel like I was doing something useful and constructive

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