Nvq Letter Duty of Care

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Dear Belinda, I have heard recently that you are thinking of going into the care profession? As I have worked in Care for a couple of years now, I thought I’d let you know a few things to help you out. There are different terms used in care which would be handy for you to know, for example ‘duty of care’. Duty of care means providing care and support for individuals within the law and also within the policies, procedures and agreed working ways of your employer. It’s all about avoiding abuse and injury to individuals, their family, friends and their property. A duty of care includes respecting the person’s wishes and protecting and respecting their rights. It is your responsibility as a carer to: -protect the rights and promote the interests of individuals -establish and maintain the trust and confidence of individuals -promote the independence of the individual whilst keeping them out of harm or danger -respect the rights of individuals whilst ensuring their behaviour doesn’t harm themselves or anybody else -be accountable for the quality of their work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving your knowledge and skills. Your employers responsibilities are: -clearly defining jobs and undertaking risk assessments -ensuring a safe work environment -providing adequate training and feedback on performance -ensuring that staff do not work excessive hours -providing areas for rest and relaxation -protecting staff from bullying or harassment, either from colleagues or third parties -protecting staff from discrimination -providing communication channels for employees to raise concerns -consulting employees on issues which concern them. In holding your duty of care you may face some problems and a difficult situation, an individual has a right to make their own decisions, whilst you have a duty of care towards them. You need to be encouraging

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