Duty of Care

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1.1 Define the Term ‘duty of care’ Duty of care means that it is your duty to provide a good quality standard of care to the people you look after, your colleagues, your employer and yourself. This care must be provided at all times and must: * be carried out in a way that will keep people safe from harm * be carried out by acting in the best interest of individuals * be carried out within your own competence and do not do anything that cannot be done safely * work effectively as part of a team * Provide a high standard of practice and care at all times * remain professional at all times to maintain the good reputation of your profession * Keep clear and accurate records * Keep your knowledge and skills up to date * Maintain a safe working environment * Maintain personal hygiene 1.2 Describe how duty of care affects your own work role (think of the tasks you do) I must only carry out duties that are within my own job role, responsibility and competence. If I am asked to do a task that does not fall in line with the above then I must decline. I must follow and adhere to the correct companies policies and procedures and provide a standard of care in line with the principle ‘codes of practice’ in all aspects of my work. This includes acting in the best interests of the patients and ensuring their health, safety and welfare. I must be observant to make sure my knowledge and skills are updated on a regular basis. I must observe all areas of confidentiality at all times. I must also have the confidence to voice any concerns I may have. I must make sure I have access to available resources and equipment that will assist me in my role. Describe 2 dilemmas that may arise between your duty of care and an individual’s rights Even though every effort is made to ensure an individual receives the best possible care,
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