Describe How The Duty Of Care And An Individual's Rights Dilemmas And Answers

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BTEC Unit 5 Q&A Level 2 Duty of Care Understand the implications of duty of care | 1.1 - Define the term ‘duty of care’ In my role as a carer, duty of care means that I’m accountable for the things I do and also for the things I don’t. I have to prove that I have taken reasonable action and provided the right care for every service user I look after. I also have to undertake training and develop my skills to work safely and carry out my duties competently. | 1.2 - Describe how the duty of care affects own work role. My role as a carer requires following the policies and procedures and code of practice. It makes me responsible for every task I undertake therefore I must be always sure that I’m trained enough and physically able to provide professional service to my service users. Those rules protect me and individuals using the care service. | Understand support available for addressing dilemmas that may arise about duty of care |…show more content…
Most situations involve medication administration. One of my service users is a lady in the nineties, who used to be a nurse. That lady often wanted me to increase the oxygen level on her oxygen concentrator and what she requires was always against her GP’s recommendation. It was her right to decide about it, but it was also dangerous for her. That always put me in the situation when I had to find the right solution to suit us both.
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