Nvq 3 Highlight a Recnt Case of Abuse in a Care Setting

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I have chosen for this task, to highlight a recent issue of abuse of elderly residents at 'The Old Deanery' care village in Braintree, Essex. The old Deanery is a 93 bed care home and specialises in the needs of elderly residents with dementia and persons requiring specialist nursing care A BBC panorama documentary, broadcast in April 2014, drew attention to the plight of elderly residents, living at the Old Deanery, being subjected to abuse. Hidden cameras recorded patients being verbally and physically abused. In addition to this, patients basic needs, such as toileting and personal care, were found to have been neglected by care staff. As a result of this documentary, in July 2014, one staff member was immediately dismissed and seven people supsended and in August, three carers appeared in court charged with assaulting and neglecting elderly residents. The independant regulator for health and social care in England-the Care Quality Commission (hereafter CQC)-carried out a detailed investigation into the Old Deanery and on October 1st 2014, published its findings. The damning report concluded that the home was meeting just one of its 9 standard requirements. Almost immediately, there followed a wave of high profile media coverage. The scope of this analysis included newspapers, tabloids and broadsheets, television news reports and internet news websites. The case for arguement of highlighting such issues in the media, can be complex .The media clearly have major social responsibilities in the area of abuse and this report will attempt to emphasize both the negative and positive effects of coverage of abuse cases. Media representations are a primary source of information for many people. While acknowledging that the media’s portrayal of abuse can have negative consequences for adults and their families, media coverage is vital if public concern for

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