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An independent Inquiry was held into the care provided by Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust January 2005 – March 2009, which was chaired by Robert Francis QC. Francis opened with a description of the “appalling and unnecessary suffering” in which corporate interests were put ahead of those of patients. It is estimated 400-1,200 patients died as a result of poor care over a period of 50 months. Robert Francis stated that there was a failure of the NHS system at all levels, in particular the trust board were ‘weak’ and did not listen to concerns. The pursuit of targets, financial balance and Foundation Trust status all contributed to the failings. He stated that the NHS needs new, patient centred culture. The key issues highlighted by…show more content…
I would aim to apply all of the issues highlighted in the Francis report into my working practice, working to the best of my ability. It is essential to pay particular attention to the basic elements of care. I would endeavour to employ ‘patient centred care’ and ‘professional values’ as they are paramount and should be applied at all times. The only way to understand a person is to put yourself in their shoes, how would I feel if I did not receive the care and compassion I required at such a vulnerable time. I know I would have to deal with a patient that required any help as soon as possible not leaving room for any neglect. I believe healthcare experience prior to nurse training would only serve as an essential key to nursing; this was featured in the Francis report. The healthcare experience I have received over the last five years has helped me to grow and I know that I am prepared for the next level. The onus is on us to make sure we follow a clear direction for the future of the health service; there is always room for improvement. The Francis report has shaken up the NHS, which was a well needed shake. It is just a pity it was at the cost of people’s

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