Nvq 2 Health and Social Care

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SARAH OWEN UAN R/602/2954 LEVEL: LEVEL 2 CREDIT VALUE: 3 GLH: 24 1.1 List the aspects of employment covered by law Anti-discrimination provisions. Eg gender, race, disability, religion and race. Working hours Sickness absence and sick pay Data protection Health and safety CRB checks 1.2 List the main features of current employment legislation Employment rights legislation National minimum wage legislation Employment legislation Equalities and discrimination Health and safety Working time regulations Part time worker regulations 1.3 Outline why legislation relating to employment exists Legislation relating to employment exists to protect the best interest of both employer and employee. There are policies and procedures put in place and complied with in order to protect the rights. Where an employee finds that is not complied with the employer is liable. They also exist to ensure a more cost efficient and safer environment. 1.4 Identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights Source of such information could be: line manager, human resource department and access to work. Internal source could be: staff hand books, anything regarding age discrimination, dismissing employees paternity leave and pay we could use ACAS. 2.1 Describe the terms and conditions of own contract of employment My contract of employment covers job locations as to where I am based in my employment. A job description of the duties of my post, continuous service, my start date for the company even if in a different role. CRB checks states that the post is subject to CRB checks. Probationary period, how much I will be paid, any enhancements, pay scale and possible pay rises depending on qualifications. Payroll procedures to describe how I will be paid, how
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