Nurture vs. Nature

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There are many interesting cases of twins that have been raised in two separate environments but still have the same interest and live very parallel lives. Many scientists have devoted a lot of time to try and find out exactly where the line is drawn between nature and nurture and which one plays a bigger part in a person’s life. Both nature and nurture contribute to the interest, personality, ability, and goals of a person. However, twins have been separated and live very different lives still have the influence of their hereditary genes that guide the person they are and will become. Nature and Nurture help to make up a person, and help to determine what it means to be human. Nature or nurture, which one has major influence on our personality and development? This issue has been widely debated in our society from ancient time till now. Some people maintain that it is concluded by the characteristic people born with, whereas others are confident that it defers to the experiences people have had in the life. I also believe nurture education plays the significant role in a person’s characteristics. In other words, the circumstances surrounding the person are more important to form its character. First of all, appropriate nurture can turn an average person to be competent. In “The Allegory of the Cave”, Plato states, "if there had been a circumcision of such natures in the days of their youth; and they had been severed from those sensual pleasure, such as eating and drinking, which, like leaden wights, were attached to them at their birth, and which drag them down and turn the vision of their souls upon the things that are below" (455). Plato suggests that the rogues might serve the good if they have different circumstances. In other words, a right way of nurture can mound one to be outstanding whilst extraordinary nature without nurture is a waste of resource. I
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