Compare Contrast Victor Frankenstein and His Creature Essay

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Victor Frankenstein and his creature This is to show how in the book Frankenstein by author Mary Shelly there are many similarities and differences. Even though Victor Frankenstein and his creature were very much as different as you can get on the outside when it comes to their physical appearance, they were not so different in other aspect of their lives. At first glance you would think, “How could they be similar?” but there is definitely more to them than meets the eye. They both had a thirst for knowledge, trying to learn new things. Even though they were raised in two completely different environments, they understood the meaning of isolation. With their need for family bond and their desire for love, you can see this to be true. Also because of this isolation, it brings out their desire for vengeance. These chain of events are both Victor’s and the creature’s demise. Even though there paths in life were very different, Victor Frankenstein and his creature were both always trying to gain more knowledge. Now the particular knowledge that they were looking for was different. Victor Frankenstein was always trying to further his knowledge through his work. He always had an ambitious attitude and obsession over his work. He was so engrossed in his learning trying to become fully educated in science. In relation to Victor Frankenstein, the creature’s yearning and desire for knowledge was just as ambitious and passionate. The creature wanted to learn as much as he could about mankind and society. His methods of trying to absorb as much knowledge were different. He would observe people studying their interactions. He would also read books to gain information as well. Victor Frankenstein and his creature both have plenty of revenge. Of course we again know that their reasons for revenge are very different. Now, the creature when he was first brought to life had
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