Nature vs. Nuture

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ECE 205 Introduction to Child Development Instructor: Adebimpe Odunjo June 23, 2014 There has always been a debate over nature vs. nurture, whether it is inherited genes or the environment influences that affect us as a person. Some people believe that our genes effect who we are, others may think that the environment plays a role, and some think that both nature and nurture has an influences on our behavior. Either way, this debate will always be a controversial issue in psychology and child development, whether characteristics and behavior are primarily due to genetics or the environment. In this essay we will determine the relationship between nature vs. nurture, the influences on child development, and the influential factors that has on you as a person. For the past yeast several years the debate over nature vs. nurture have been strongly discussed. Theory of nature vs. nurture simply tells us that there are different types of influences in our life that makes us who we are. Nature determines our personality, genes and heredity characteristics that is passed on from one generation to the next. Our heredity and genes determines our features that is inherited from our great ancestors, it has long been known that certain physical characteristics are biologically determined by genetic inheritance. Color of eyes, straight or curly hair, pigmentation of the skin and certain diseases (such as Huntingdon’s chorea) are all a function of the genes we inherit. Other physical characteristics, if not determined, appear to be at least strongly influenced by the genetic make-up of our biological parents (McLeod, 2007). One example of nature would be your grandmother and grandfather are dancers, this means that it is most likely that you will have interest in becoming or being a dancer yourself, because you inherited your characteristic and personality from your

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