Nature Vs Nurture Case Studies

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Nature versus Nurture Craig D Jensen Western Governors University Abstract This paper will discuss the nature versus nurture controversy by comparing and contrasting two different case studies already done. We will discuss the controversies around this topic as well as the similarities and differences between the studies. And finally discuss the conclusions that were made from each of the studies. Nature versus Nurture One of the oldest debates in psychology is over whether specific aspects of a person’s behavior are a product of nature (i.e. genetics) or nurtured (i.e. learned) characteristics. There is huge controversy over this topic due to the lack of being able to measure the answers in a quantitative…show more content…
Ross in 1961. This study was “designed to account for the phenomenon of identification in terms of incidental learning, demonstrated that children readily imitated behavior exhibited by an adult model in the presence of the model.” (Albert Bandura, 1961) In this experiment, twenty-four preschool children were assigned to each of three conditions. Aggressive and nonaggressive behaviors towards a Bobo doll were shown by an adult model in a play setting to one of the three groups, and one group was not exposed to a model at all. The model was then removed and the children were tested in the designated play area to determine the amount of imitative learning had developed. As predicted, the subjects exposed to aggressive models reproduced aggressive acts resembling those of their models, but there was a difference in how the boys versus the girls acted out their aggression. Boys were more physical and tended to imitate the same-sex model, and girls were more verbally aggressive with no strong evidence supporting an influence to what sex the model…show more content…
In both studies, the conclusions did show that behavior is influenced by outside sources, but the information was not strong enough to be able to say whether or not the effects were temporary or if it had a lifelong impact. Another similarity noted is that there was a focus on whether gender played any part in how an individual developed behavior. David had a hard time trying to follow the plan of life as a girl as influenced by his parents and doctors, and unknowingly by the people he interacted with in society thinking he was a girl. The feeling to live like a boy was natural instinct to him and there was many consequences mentally trying to change that. As far as the Bobo doll experiment, both genders showed aggression equally, just in different

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