Nursing Philosophy Essay

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Philosophy is essential in nursing profession to understand the significance of why nurses do what they do. Philosophy helps guide decisions and to make precise understanding of ones belief system. The International Council of Nurses (2014) states that nursing is the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled, and dying people. Nurses key roles are to advocate, promote of safe environment, research, participate in health policy and in patient and health systems management, and educate. Ever since I was a little girl growing up, I knew it was inevitable for me to help people. After my father past way from cancer at a young age, I realized I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps, to work in the medical profession helping individuals. The satisfaction achieved when helping someone or knowing that you made a difference in one’s life is what I like most about nursing, and the reason why I have chosen nursing as a career. The inspirations for personal nursing philosophy comes from several sources: personal and moral beliefs, biblical scriptures and by Imogene King’s theory of Goal Attainment. The bible teaches to respect, love, and honor one another. Imogene King believed interpersonal relationship is what allows a person to grow and develop in order to conquer certain life goals. Principally, King’s concept is that the nurse and patient would set goals, take actions, and achieve goals together (Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment, 2004). My nursing philosophy is to assist individuals in the achievement of an optimal level of wellness with interpersonal relationship, respect, dignity, and individuality. In addition, we are to treat individuals as we would want to be treated. In my nursing practice, I strive to gain patient’s trust, to listen and interact with patients that are imperative to understand, respect, and plan

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