Mental Health Nursing

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This essay will reflect on my experience whilst on placement. It would show how I engaged, sustained and disengaged from the therapeutic relationship with a service user through the use of appropriate communication and interpersonal skills. Chambers et al (2005, p303) suggest interpersonal and therapeutic relationships are at the centre of nursing work, the relationship that exists between nurse and patient can often provide the energy and be the catalyst, the motivation and the source of strength to continue with treatment or face difficult situations.
I felt the need to develop therapeutic relationships with service users so they felt they could put their trust in me that I was there to listen and talk to them not just care for them. Forster (2001) stated that, “In mental health nursing, a therapeutic relationship is defined as the relationship developed by two people essentially based on trust”. There is also a need of good interpersonal skills, communication and care skills when forming a therapeutic relationship. In order to develop a therapeutic relationship with a client, it is essential to identify the client needs, wishes, feelings, fears, strength and weaknesses which can interfere with understanding and providing care to the client (College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), 2004). Effective communication is an important skill in nursing practice as it is a tool to uncover service users’ needs and facilitate care. Verbal, written communications, as well as body language, are all vital implementations for successful treatment.
A therapeutic milieu is a scientific structuring of the environment in order to effect behavioural changes and to improve the psychological health and functioning of the individual (Skinner, 1979).This essay would also show how a therapeutic milieu was established and maintained.
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