My Nursing Phylosophy

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing
To define my personal philosophy in nursing, I would like to start defining philosophy. The best definition I found says, “Philosophy is an attitude toward life and reality that evolves from each nurses belief…” (Edwards, 1997,1089). This definition gives me the independence to incorporate my own beliefs and values in my practice as a nurse. My personal Philosophy is based on personal belief and values, but most importantly my gifts.
Each of these factors has influenced my philosophy for not only nursing but also how I live my life. The first factor that has impacted my lifestyle and my personal philosophy is the way I was raised by my parents. I was raised in a traditional Christian home in which my parents were a great example to my faith. The second factor that has influenced my beliefs is my mother. I have always admired her compassion towards others and her commitment to serve people that needed help.
Another factor that has an impact in my beliefs is my culture. I believe in families caring for one another, in communities united to help each other, in total respect and dignity to the elderly, in hard work to achieve success and unity at all times. These are some of the important factors my culture still values and so do I.
Moreover, the most important part of my personal philosophy is my faith. I believe God created us with special gifts and purpose. I have known one of my gifts since I was a child, the gift of serving others, but I have recently incorporated that gift with my purpose in life, which is to serve God.
In my future practice as a nurse I would like to incorporate these beliefs and values that have made me who I am today. I once read the definition of Christian nursing written in the book Called to Care, “Christian nursing is defined as a ministry of compassionate care for the whole person, in
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