Nursing Home Interview Essay

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Margery Devine is an 87 year old woman currently residing at the Greenbriar Home Health Services in Southern New Hampshire. Greenbriar is a nursing home that I volunteered at many years ago, but I had never met Margery until the interview. The interview took place in the cafeteria at Greenbriar shortly after her lunch time. I had called the nursing home a few days before asking whether I could interview someone about such a grim subject manner and they recommended speaking with Margery. She is a sharp and witty woman with a really sweet demeanor. It was just to two of us in the cafeteria area (and a few employees cleaning up some leftover dishes). She did not hesitate to answer any of my questions and did so with a smile. It was really an extraordinarily…show more content…
To not have many friends, a spouse, or many visitors it must be a lonely way to live out the remainder of someone’s life. Though the home does do a good job of taking care of their residents and providing some sort of entertainment, the atmosphere of these types of places has always been strange. The types of people I came in contact with ranged from bitter and cold hearted to friendly and warm. So many of the occupants went around mumbling about how miserable their life was and how they wished it was over already, which was really disturbing to hear. Margery is very much “still here” and was incredibly detail oriented. It was quite disheartening to see her in this type of setting because her soul is so much younger than the body she is in. Hearing her speak, it sounds like she didn’t take many risks in her life and now she wishes she had. Her love for her husband is so touching. Love is such a powerful emotion and even though he has been dead for a decade, it is like very little has changed. She has no desire to interact with other men, or to even try to “move on”. Margery just keeps on loving him and I think she will for eternity. This type of love is such a beautiful thing. Her spirit in spite of the loss of her husband and friends is still very much uplifted and she just keeps living with a smile on her
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