Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Registered Nurse

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Abstract Part of my assignment was to interview a nurse who was to have more experience than myself and who I admired for their professionalism and competency. First I thought, I’ve been a nurse for thirty-one years myself so my choices will be somewhat limited. Then I thought I would choose someone who had been in my specialty (cardiology), longer than I, but then again that was a dilemma because I have been in cardiology for twenty-five years. After great thought I chose a nurse who had worked in various hospitals and in different aspects of nursing. I had the opportunity to interview a registered nurse who I have trained in the past when she was new to our department, but now I admire and view as a mentor. My interview was with a forty-two year veteran diploma graduate registered nurse who is but one year from retirement. She has worked at several different hospitals and in several different departments through out her career. I enjoyed hearing her experiences and related to a lot of the past and could understand what nursing has been, how it has moved forward, and what the future might hold for nurses. A time ago nursing was viewed as a “woman’s job”. Stated that professional nurses were viewed by what nurses looked like, starched white uniforms, white hose, nursing shoes (white), and the nurse’s cap. Of course nurses attended college to attain their degree, but once educated they worked and not many were encouraged to further their education. The thought was better nurses comes from experience.…show more content…
Change is sometimes difficult, and she felt that the modern technology was the hardest to grasp, but the biggest advancement for the future. One of the biggest concerns for her was the decrease in hands on nursing, and that it will become a thing of the

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