Circe-Odyssey, A Flat And Round Characters In The Odyssey

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Madison Arthur 3 Odd March 1, 2015 Character List 1. Odysseus- Odysseus is definitely a round character. He has good sides (he is strong and brave and wise) and bad ones (he is a bit full of himself and that gets him in trouble with Poseidon when he brags about blinding Polyphemus the cyclops). He is also dynamic because he breaks the mold of traditional epic heroes and changes over the course of the Odyssey. 2. Penelope- She would be described as a flat and dynamic character. I say this because she really does not change as a person over the course of the story but goes through a major crisis, her husband leaving for many years so she has to pursue suitors. 3. Telemachus- Telemachus is a flat and dynamic character as well. At the beginning, he's still mentally a boy; at the end, he's beginning to become a man when his dad, Odysseus, comes home.…show more content…
Athena- Athena is a static character. She is always wise and strong and powerful, and that never changes. She is also round because she is a main character and sometimes has a complex personality. 5. Circe- Circe is a round and static character (if we only take her emotion into consideration). She was puzzled at humans’ value and emotion and still was unable to grieve towards the end of the story. 6. Polyphemus- This cyclops is a static and flat character because he never changes throughout the story. In the beginning he is mean and wicked and stays they same towards the end. 7. Zeus- Zeus is a static character because he stays strong and powerful throughout the story and does not change. He is also flat because he has one or two main personality
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