The Painted Door Analysis

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The Painted Door This short story, The Painted Door, revolves around the existence of a storm. Without this setting present nothing of the sort would have occurred amongst the characters. Literally, the winter blizzard portrays itself as a nightmare waiting to happen and naturally creates chaos within relationships. The coldness and sharp touch of the wind causes utter effects on both health and safety, but also limits the attitudes that are demonstrated throughout the day. The married couple is strongly influenced by the actions of this snowstorm by allowing its awful mood to impress onto them. Specifically, John faces extreme external challenges with the bitterness of the weather. All forces of nature try against him, but with determination…show more content…
Waiting and waiting was all that she got accomplished that day, aside from the painting of the door, due to the intense worriment she has been accompanied with. Silence became her dear friend as she resented the actions of her husband towards his father. Along with the chilling atmosphere that the cold breeze had brought inside, Ann began to examine every part of her life that she was not impressed with. The burst of emotions was only egged on by results that the storm had caused. Internally, she began to feel sorry for herself, but really had no idea what she would be missing. In basking with her emotions, Ann became accustom to the fact that her only companion was the thought of knowing John’s return. This was true until the appearance of her close neighbor, Steven. His assistance was gravely needed, as her attempts to tend to the chores had been a trying task in this weather. In hopes of John’s safe journey, they enjoyed dinner together to pass the time. His appearance only led to the existence of an equivalent storm within the characters. His sly personality, along with his charm that Ann found irresistible, led to the betrayal of an honorable man. Steven’s carefree attitude acts as the chaos within the relationship
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