North American Tricksters Essay

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Tricksters of Northern Europe and North America Today I am comparing the different between the tricksters in Northern Europe and North America. When comparing the two, they are in ways similar but in many ways, they are different. In Northern Europe, they had two that was tricksters Loki. Locki played a very important part as a trickster. He was a thief, slander and he would abuse the gods by “putting then in jeopardy, and he was able to save then because he was very cunning” (Willis 195). When they look at Loki, they could not tell if he was a god or a giant. At one point, he was the friend of Thor and Odin and at the same time he would give birth to the monster that could killed them. The one thing about him he was a creator of figure and he gave birth to the World Serpent and Hel the ruler of the dead. (Willis 195) In North America the tricksters were also as cunning, they were able to steal the fire, able to outwit the monsters and play tricks on others. North America tricksters come in different shape and forms one of them was the shape of a rabbit, coyote, spider, raven, blue jay or mink. Even though…show more content…
Being so much of a joker there was time that he would injure himself, or causes his own death. He would bring himself back to life but was no wiser then he was before he killed himself. (Willis 227) When you compare the two it seems like you have the trickster from Northern Europe was the smarter of the two. He was the one that was able to make the gods feel like he was on their side but at the same time give birth to a monster that could kill all of them. He fathered the wolf Fenrir, nobody would feed him, and when the wolf broke from the chains Odin made some magical band that they would put around him but the wolf would not do it until one of the gods put his hand in the wolf mouth. Tyr was the only god that would put his hand in the wolf mouth
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