Treason Trial Of Aaron Burr

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The early 1800’s were an unusual time in the history for the United States. In a time of growth and expansion, a brilliant, ambitious, and fantastic public speaker, certainly stood out among the rest. Aaron Burr was born in 1756 and was one of the rising stars of the new republic. However, after spending time as the Vice President, Burr was convicted for the murder of Alexander Hamilton and was forced to flee westward. It is here where he unfolded his ingenious but perfidious plan. Jefferson, previously incognizant to his ideas, was furious to learn of his intentions. With a strong growing hate towards Burr, the treason trial became the culmination of a personal political battle between two great figures where Jefferson would stop at nothing to destroy Burr. Jefferson’s actions were out of line and repetitive but were merely intended to prove Burr’s guilt. Aaron Burr was a manipulative traitor who was guilty of committing high treason against the United State’s Government. As Burr migrated further west, he was amazed by the amount of untamed land and openness of the plains, but was most impressed by the incredible isolation (Aaron Burr Trial). On April 29, 1805 Burr began unveiling his new revolution plans to Herman Blennerhassett. Burr’s plan began with the strategy of swindling Britain and Spain into giving him the money and the troops he needed to revolutionize Mexico. Aaron wanted to lie to both Britain and Spain, telling them he was trying to tear the United States in half, east from west. (Aaron Burr Trial). This was extremely underhanded of Burr. It is one thing to go behind the back of your own country, but another to go behind the back of another country at the expense of your own country. However, instead of breaking up the country he simply intended to use the money and troops from Spain and Britain to invade Mexico. The help from these two foreign
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