Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Good Vs Evil Essay

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Good vs. Evil The book “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” has been a very popular novel since it was published in 1886. The novel has been rewritten many different times by numerous people, but they all have the same main points. One of the biggest themes that the author tries to get across to the reader is that every person has good and evil in them, but they are not equal. Throughout the book, there is a huge struggle between good and evil between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. These two men are actually the same person, but Dr. Jekyll takes a potion to turn himself into Mr. Hyde so he can do evil deeds. He does this because everybody has urges to do evil things, but Dr. Jekyll could not risk losing his reputation as a “good” guy in the society that he lives in. The main question is if good and evil can be separated, or is everyone stuck between the fight of both. Whether or not people have more good or more evil in them, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” proves that they still have both no matter who they are. Even though the story is about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, another main character is Mr. Utterson. From the beginning of the book, the reader sees that Mr. Utterson represents good and Mr. Hyde represents evil. The reader may think this because Mr. Utterson is a lawyer and is loved by the people,…show more content…
Dr. Jekyll starts off viewed as a good person in society, but his evil side took over after he let it out. People can decide which one is superior by either showing their good or evil sides. Even though everyone has evil thoughts, they cannot let them out because they will just keep coming back and will eventually take over. In the end no one wins because Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde both die because one cannot live without the other. This shows that there is no one that is purely good or purely evil, everyone has both in them but it is up to them to decide which one overpowers the
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