Human Nature: Partially Good and Partially Evil

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Human Nature: Partially Good and Partially Evil You cannot be a well-intentioned person without having a mean strain within you. Good and bad are two sides of the same coin. Duality of human nature is necessary to create agreement in action, opinion, and feeling. Praise the darker side within you. It is the darker side that gives gleam to your personality. Robert Louis Stevenson had one major ambition, and that was to split these two characters apart as much as possible. Starting with Dr. Jekyll, who is this well respected, careful, admirable professional from an upper class family to this evil character Edward Hyde who is a deformed cruel, wicked murderer. When it came to comprehending the book I thought to myself that Mr. Hyde is the horrible, disgraceful being but then I realized that Mr. Hyde isn’t at all truly evil. In my opinion I feel that Dr. Jekyll is in fact the real corruption of all this. I understand that I may be taking this off passage but Dr. Jekyll knows exactly what is going to happen when he drinks the chemical, but yet he keeps doing it. Obviously, Mr. Hyde is the villain in the novel. But the dark side of Jekyll is really strong and powerful which was exactly what Jekyll had planned. Being Hyde delighted him for he had full control to do whatever he wants. Since Hyde is evil, his intentions are pure evil too. His crime such as the murder of Sir Danver Carew proves that pure evil delights him. Another crime was he almost beat a girl to death. The intentions of Dr. Jekyll to be pure evil was his own idea. This gives us the sense that Hyde is not the one who is truly evil but Dr. Jekyll is! Being Hyde amused him and since he had full control of Hyde, he could have done good deeds instead of evil. Even though Hyde was evil, Dr. Jekyll could have controlled him, but inspite the consequences, Jekyll went on taking the potions for evil purposes.

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