Good Vs Evil In King Lear Notea

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Good and Evil... Shakespeare has borrowed the concept of ying and yang and used it widely in king lear. He explains to his audience, through a variety of techniques and characters and conclusions , that without the good in the world their would be no bad, each cannot exsist without the other. He uses characters in binary opposites and mediums to show that humanity does have the potential for both good and evil. Good and evil ... In the world we live in, it seems that every other person is out for self gain They will step on anyone and do whatever it takes to get what they want, but does that make them purely evil? What if in their final moments they go something good? Or if their evil ways are result’s of circumstances that they can no control over? It’s a hard line to draw and in King Lear Shakespeare explains why through the use of conclusions. The most important conclusion Shakespeare has drawn about the nature of humanity in King Lear is the fact that evil is not something the gods have cursed you with at birth but it is something that you choose for yourselfACt . The contrast he uses shows us that Edmoud had everything he needed to be good, he had the look and he had the attitude , but ultimately he chose to wrong path, he was blinded by power and his need to be treated as an equal. Later in that scene [165] after his brother is wounded Edgar affirms his belief that the gods play no hand in the evilness of the world through his dialogue “The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices make instruments to plague us” he states that the gods are fair and only punish us with our own wrong doings, even Edmoud agrees with him. Edmonds good side does make an appearance, towards the end of act 5 scene 3, “ Despite of mine own nature. Quickly send – be brief in it – to th’castle; for my wit is on the life of Lear and Cordelia” , in this remorseful dialogue Edmond`
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