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Harlan 1 Chloe Harlan Mrs. Tubbs Period 3 02 May 2013 John Proctor; The Tragic Hero In the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, John Proctor is portrayed as the tragic hero. He is a man of dignity and integrity, but beneath his tough outer exterior lays a defeated man. Having knowledge of committing adultery, he is gnawed by his feeling of guilt, which leaves him powerless to do anything about it. As the plot of the play unfolds, his admirable characteristics are presented to the reader by his actions that contrast him against other characters in the Puritan town of Salem. Back in the day, Proctor had everything your average Puritan man could want: a goodly farm to ceaselessly toil upon, three goodly sons to discipline, and a goodly wife with whom to make a home. Around town, his name was synonymous with honor and integrity, which is why he feared…show more content…
He tries to accomplish his goal by hiding his sin but is distressed because of his pursuit of what he believes to- be happiness. Towards the end of the play his struggles eventually end in his downfall. His courage to stand strong in his beliefs leads him to death at the gallows. His personal struggle with Elizabeth is resolved as he makes his decision to refuse to confess to witchcraft. Elizabeth sees his inner goodness shine when he refuses to lie about being involved in witchcraft, and she realizes how unfair she has been. John Proctor saves the lives of the others who are accused when he unselfishly declines to save his own. He acts as a martyr when he places others before himself. He would rather die an honorable death than live a dishonorable life, which is what precedes him to be the tragic hero of the play. John Proctor, being a very complex character stuck in a world full mischief, madness, and chaos shows a major change as the play unfolds. He is finally at peace with himself, which not only affects him, but all the characters around

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