Character Analysis John Proctor

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Character Analysis John Proctor

In Author Miller’s powerful stage play ‘The Crucible’, written in 1953 as a metaphor

for the McCarthy hearings on communism in America, the idea of conscience is

greatly emphasized in many of the main characters. John Proctor is one of the most

important men in ‘The Crucible’ who has very deep inner struggles to deal with.

Author Miller uses the word ‘crucible’ to describe conflicts and collisions that John

Proctor goes through.

When the play sets into action, John Proctor has a past affair with his servant Abigail

William. Although his wife, Elizabeth Proctor is nice enough that can forgive his sin,

John Proctor has his mind set that he will not confess to anyone else, in fear of

running his good name. The affair between John and Abigail causes the start of

chaotic witchery and accusation. Abigail became very jealous of Elizabeth Proctor.

John realizes there is only way to stop all the witch hysteria in Salem, and that would

be to confess adultery. He knows what he should do, but he continues to deny, until

his wife is put into jail. John cares about his reputation, but he must confess his sin, in

order to stop the frenzy in Salem and save his wife. After he confesses, he encourages

his wife to do the same, “Elizabeth, tell the truth, I have confessed it!” John says.

John needs to muster up all his courage to confess the adultery, and it is not easy for

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him. John is a vainglorious man, but love makes him brave to face his sin. This is also

one of the biggest severe tests John confronts.

John died for his name, and many other reasons. He is a man of pride. John is given a

chance to confess himself of witchery. The courts want him to sign a legal statement

of his actions, but John refuses to sign. He has a hard time to make decision
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