Kind Of Flying

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A Kind of Flying In A Kind of Flying, by Ron Carlson, the author writes several short stories in an extraordinary and unusual way. They are filled with humorous tales with concise dialogue. In the four selected short stories, “Bigfoot Stole my Wife”, “I am Bigfoot”, “The Chromium Hook”, and “The Tablecloth of Turin,” Ron Carlson describes the concept and the difference between the truth and reality, and what we chose to believe and not to believe. It also emphasized that determining between what reality is and what is not, is a very difficult decision. There are several themes of truth and lies addressed in these stories, and one of the major themes is credibility. In “Bigfoot Stole My Wife,” Carlson appears to give the reader a degree of truthfulness, but most of what he states in fact is not true. The husband in the story tells his tale in the form of a shocking expose, and in his voice the readers learn the sad traces of denial. He accounts for his wife’s disappearance from a troubled marriage by accusing Bigfoot of taking off with his wife, but in reality, he was at fault that his wife abandoned him for another man since he would wake up in the early afternoon, and would be more focused on his races rather than his wife. He insisted that it was not his wife’s intention to leave him for another man, so he rather lie to himself and the readers to make them believe that she was kidnapped by Bigfoot, a harry beast. A man really needs to pay close attention to his wife because by not showing your spouse or girlfriend how much you truly care for her and appreciate her, it will make her feel worthless and unappreciated, and it is highly likely that she will search for someone else who will make her feel special, and would provide her with the attention that a woman deserves. In its companion piece, “I am Bigfoot,” Carlson lets Bigfoot speak for himself, and as a
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