Friar Lawrence: Tragic Hero Essay

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Friar Lawrence: A Classic Tragic Hero Dating back to the age of the Renaissance, a swarm of intellectual movements spanned over all of Europe, and humans began to realize that they were all eventually doomed to death because of their own flaws, or rather, fate. It was at this moment that Catharsis became paramount, along with the creation of what one knows as a tragedy. Tragedies spurred throughout the continent, beginning in Greece and Rome, and the number of audience members grew just to experience an emotional cleansing. Tragic heroes were thought up, all exhibiting the same qualities: a tragic flaw, a tragic fall, and an inevitable end. Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is a story of two young adults from opposing families who fall into a forbidden love and attempt to elope; due to a series of mischances and fated errors, they instead end up dead, despite having the help and guidance of a friar. This leads one to believe that Friar Lawrence is the prime example of a tragic hero, as he is a man who is essentially good, holy, and trusted by Venegas 2 everyone. However, his inclination towards his heart instead of his intellect, as Fate strolls in control of his actions, leads to his fall and the deaths of the very people he only tried to help. Friar Lawrence holds a high place in society. Associated with the Holy Catholic Church and presented as a wise man, he is automatically trusted and respected by everyone in Verona, specifically Romeo. Knowing very well of the relationship between the Montagues and the Capulets, Friar Lawrence formulates a plan to assist Romeo in pursuing Juliet. His decision to follow his heart in attempt to unite the rivaling families leads him to the most crucial mistake he can ever make. Based off of how he is described as a character, it leads the reader to think that the Friar has enough
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