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Joe Keller is one of the main characters in the play “All my Sons”. He has a main role as a husband, father, neighbour, and as a successful business man. We see Joe Keller as a modern Tragic Hero as even though it seems he has a good life with a successful business, good family and a roof over his head, we see that Joe has a past full of secrets that got him to where he is today. All these secrets are gradually revealed during the play and we get to see that Joe’s actions are understandable but not acceptable.
Arthur Miller encourages us as an audience to see Joe Keller’s actions as justifiable. We see a lot of evidence that Joe is very proud of what he has achieved in life and his success in his business, “Kid, walkin’ down the street that day I was guilty as hell. Except I wasn’t, and there was a court paper in my pocket to prove I wasn’t, and I walked … past … the porches. Result? Fourteen months later I had one of the best shops in the state again, a respected man again; bigger than ever” this quote shows that Joe is proud of what he has achieved, he is almost of boastful and cocky of his success after not being sent to jail. Miller also makes Joe seem like a very caring husband and devoted father, he comes across very loving towards his family and that his successful business was all for them, when Joe says “Chris … Chris, I did it for you, it was a chance and I took it for you. I have chance to make something for you? Sixty-one years old you don’t get another chance, do ya?” This quote lets us know that Joe was in a tough situation, he wanted to make something for his son so he could have something to work towards and support him which Joe did not have himself growing up, this makes us sympathise with Joe as we can see more reasons why he took that chance to send the a hundred and twenty cracked engine-heads. Joe is also seen as a caring husband towards his

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