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Wolf Island Wolf Island by Darren Shann is about a magician named Grubbs Grady that has to fight off countless waves of demons in order to ensure the safety of the human race. The Lambs, a corporation that tries to find a cure for lycanthropy went hay wire and took all there specimens to a secret remote island only to be infiltrated by grubs and his disciples. On the island the get ambushed by armed guards, demons, and even werewolves but, at the last moment before shear death a voice in Grubbs called the Kah-Gash tells him to release the beast within. Grubbs turns into a wolf but still maintains consciousness, he finds his way to the top of the pack and leads them to drive back the armed guards and demons for a victory. Grubbs Grady: Leader, witty, Strong hearted, charming, sly. Dervish Grady: Wise, caring, sincere, strong willed, instinctive. Meera Flame: Loving, thoughtful, loyal, bright, gifted. Shark: Blunt, fearless, reliable, skillful, combative. 1. In this novel Grubbs made several decisions under a lot of pressure influenced by the voice of the Kah-Gash not knowing if the voice was bad he still gave in. Do you think that his decision paid off? Please explain your answer with supported details. 2. Grubbs as a magician has to cut all emotional ties to make sure he is not distracted. Do you think you would take his place for power or keep you family with none? Please explain you answer. 3. As leader of the werewolf pack Grubbs had to maintain his leader ship by feeding the other werewolf’s occasionally so they wouldn’t go rouge. Do you think that you would be fit for that sort of leadership? Please explain your thoughts. From Chapter 14, page 136: Kah-Gash: “Unleash the beast.” Grubbs: “Which one?” Kah-Gash: “The one inside you fool.” Grubbs: “I don’t…” Kah-Gash: “We haven’t time to argue. I said you’d need to obey

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