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Loki’s Children Loki, the Norse god of mischief was the wickedest among the Aesir. Typically in Norse folklore Loki is shameless, however; he did possess a large secret that he was ashamed of. Unknown to the rest of the Aesir, Loki had a secret bride. His bride, Angrboda, was the “ugliest, fiercest, and most dreadful” giantess to ever wreak havoc in Norse mythology.¹ Though Angrboda alone was a massive blemish on the reputation of a member of the Aesir, Loki had an even deeper truth that he hid in the most confidentiality. The bride of Loki was more than a wife. She was a mother. Angrboda had given birth to three hideous offspring of which Loki was the father. The eldest child was the Fenrir Wolf, the second was Jormungand the Serpent, and the youngest was Hel.² Loki the Trickster saw the birth of these monsters as the ultimate defacement of his god status. Loki’s fear of the knowledge of these brutes was stemmed from several reasons; the most significant reason being Odin All-Father’s response to the marriage and births. Loki knew that Odin would be disgruntled and displeased of Loki’s matrimony with an enemy of the Aesir.¹ Apart from Odin’s opinion, Loki also feared that “none of his brothers would be grateful to him for giving them a sister-in-law so…show more content…
The first attempt to chain the wolf failed, for he easily broke the first chain. Following this the Aesir used a stronger chain, but the wolf had grown more evil and so powerful that he shattered the second chain. Finally, with the help of dwarves, a rope was constructed by using “the sound a cat makes when it moves, a woman's beard, the roots of a mountain, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish and a birds spittle”². The use of these items is the Norse way of explaining why these items are difficult to find in the real

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