Nordstrom Essay

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Nordstrom Nordstrom uses demand forecasting to minimize leftover inventory. Nordstrom’s overall corporate leadership is based on two main goals. Nordstrom correlates purchasing with demand to keep inventory lean and show both customers and employees Nordstrom’s inventory including warehouses. Nordstrom keeps its items in stock for a very short period of time so that if a customer wants it, they only have limited time to purchase it. Compared to Macy’s who keep an item in inventory for 119 days, Nordstrom keeps its items in inventory for 62 days. Other than relying on day-to-day sales, Nordstrom only discounts certain items and plans for more profitable and productive sale prices. Nordstrom benchmarks to assess the success of their web-based inventor system by discovering what other organizations are doing to succeed and incorporate those ideas into their own operations. Competition for Nordstrom will be intense against Banana Republic, Macy's, and Nike; big shoe selling companies but if they take certain qualities from each one and intertwine them with their own, their web-based inventory will be a great success. Participatory planning includes the people who will be affected by plans and who will be asked to implement them. Equitability and transparency are properties that will increase the customers trust in the process of retail. The way employees and managers interact within the process will determine the outcome of the process. Successful communication can increase the mutual understanding of values and objectives among customers and form a basis for relations and future purchases. The more comfortable a customer feels with the company that they are purchasing from, the more often they will go back to that company and purchase more merchandise. Groups that should be involved are all employees within the company, because the more that are involved, the more
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