Nonprofit Executive Compensation: How Much Is Too Much?

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Nonprofit Executive Compensation: How Much Is Too Much? When I ask myself how much is too much for nonprofit executive compensations, I think about what they are doing and how much their organization would be helping out the common good of the people. An organization that helps out the homeless find shelter and jobs should get paid a good salary. However, I don’t think it should be over the top. On the other hand, doctors that specialize in a certain field should be paid very high. They are researching a way to treat and cure a disease, like cancer. The way I determine how a person gets compensated for the work they do should be how much time and effort they put into the organization. For instance, a doctor is doing a lot more work than someone helping out a homeless person. Don’t get me wrong, someone helping out a homeless person is still very honorable and compassionate thing to do; however what a doctor is doing could save millions of lives. Each organization is different, and they all have different jobs. At the end of the day, each nonprofit organization is doing something great to help out their communities. Nonprofit pay levels should be set on what the job entails and how much work is put into it. A good example is a nonprofit medical organization that specializes in oncology. The doctor is a specialist to begin with, and they are doing research for oncology patients. A specialized doctor getting paid at least several hundred thousand dollars a year is reasonable (Katz). Especially if the money we are giving them to research cancer is helping out. However, CEOs of nonprofit art organizations shouldn’t make nearly as much as a doctor (Katz). The art organizations are still helpful for the community, but they aren’t researching how to cure cancer. Therefore, their pay shouldn’t be in the high hundred thousand dollar range. Although, every nonprofit
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